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Restaurant Operator's Cooperative Owners Managers Buying Program

Success Stories

"The perception has been that the ROC organization was predominately for Diners, but this could not be farther from the truth. The group has expanded over the 20 years to include the addition of independent restaurants of all sizes from pizzerias to white table cloth, hotels, and country clubs and everything in between.


When we joined the ROC our food, linen, beverage dropped significantly overnight in excess of 8% of sales. We were even able to reduce our garbage and phone services by 20%.


As in any operation, we have our share of turnover in the kitchen staff, but no matter who does the purchasing we continue to enjoy the consistently low costs. In addition to the savings in purchase pricing, our Chef appreciates the benefits of not having to spend numerous hours with salesmen lining up to try to get orders and playing the pricing game. The prices in the door are mandated by contracted agreements and followed up with an audit by a qualified accountant to insure the integrity of the program.


Between the 5% lower food costs, 15% savings on linen, drop size and quick-pay discounts, fantastic show rebates and our $7,000 rebate at the end of the year, we can unequivocally credit our membership in ROC for a minimum of $75,000 in annual savings.


If you're still not sure if you should join the ROC, just ask your salesman who benefits from you paying higher prices...........If he tells you NO, then you'll know that you should!!"


William R. Aperance, CCM

General Manager

Albany Country Club
Voorheesville NY



"I have been a member of ROC since it started and I have saved thousands of dollars every year. These are real dollars that go directly to your bottom-line. ROC is the only local buying group that is wholly owned by its members. That means there is no smoke and mirrors. Most of the rebate money you earn comes back to you right on your invoice. It's not hidden from you by the distributor or split 50/50 with some coupon redemption service."


Antony Loupessis, President

Latham '76 Diner, Inc.
Latham NY



"We founded McGreivey's in 2006. As anyone in the restaurant business knows, it's tough to start a successful restaurant from scratch. In March 2009, we joined ROC and it was singularly one of the best decisions we made in business. ROC had incredible buying agreements in place. Those agreements allowed locally owned Restaurant's like ours to obtain National pricing. It gave us an incredible competitive advantage against the chains. It improved the bottom line like nothing else we had done before.


Looking back, I don't know how our business would have survived without our membership in the ROC."


Art Riley Sr.,Owner

McGreivey's Restaurant

Waterford, New York



"With the everyday battles of being a small business, finding the time to negotiate with every vendor on a regular basis is not an always an option. Being a member of the ROC group provides stability with contracted pricing that is much lower than the price any individual restaurant could get. And that pricing isn't limited to just food and beverage, it covers most purchases any food service establishment makes.


Since ROC is made up of individual restaurant owners, for restaurant owners, there is a vested interest to succeed for the individual, and as a group. Our strength comes in numbers, and our growth has proven that strength and who our true partners in business are."


Christopher Euripidou

Farmer Boy Restaurant
Albany, New York



"We operate a 41 seat establishment in Schenectady. Between Quick pay, Drop Size, Food show and ROC allowances, we received incentives in excess of $16,000. We also received an enormous amount of contracted savings negotiated into our ROC agreements and to put the icing on the cake...received an end of year cash rebate of over $8000.


How can anyone afford not to participate?"



Schenectady, New York



Restaurant Operators Cooperative allows local Albany Capital Region independent restaurant operators to pool their purchasing power. ROC's combined purchasing power allows us to negotiate national account pricing with manufactures, brokers, and vendors, and compete with the ever growing number of chain restaurants in the area.


PLEASE NOTE: Restaurant Operator’s Cooperative (ROC) is in NO WAY ASSOCIATED to the Restaurant Opportunity Center (also known as ROC). Our viewpoints on the industry DO NOT ALIGN with their viewpoints, especially when it comes to the Governor’s desire to eliminate the Tip Credit. For more information, please contact this ROC office at 518-456-9000 or

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